Dominik Stroukal
The Economics of Halving: What Will Happen to the Price?
Bitcoin is circling $10,000 again, and of course, you are wondering what will happen next.
Willem Van Den Bergh
On Schelling points, network effects and Lindy: Inherent properties of communication
Protocols tend to converge to one sole victor over time.
It was all good until you came
A toxic poem, devoted to prolific crypto sociopaths like @vitalikbuterin, @danlarimer, @bradgarlinghouse, @justinsuntron...
Bitcoin’s Habitats
How Bitcoin is surviving and thriving between worlds,
Rebellion Labs
Bitcoin Lessons
Preparing for war — how was 2019 and a glimpse of the future
I like to repeat that BlueWallet is preparing for war, and this war will be for block space. Once another billion of Ear...
Lucas Nuzzi
A Look at Innovation in Bitcoin's Technology Stack
A holistic overview of the many areas of innovation that are currently being worked on by enthusiasts, companies, and us...
What is money?
1st in series of articles explaining what money actually is.
Bitcoin Echo Chamber
Accessible discussion about Bitcoin, economics, technology, and philosophy.
John Carvalho
Lightning Network consensus is a marketplace and that’s okay!
During the “scaling debate” before the SegWit2X user-activated soft fork (UASF), Bitcoin businesses were getting their f...
Dr. C
Bitcoin and Energy Consumption - Rebuttal
Critics of bitcoin are quick to point out that bitcoin uses as much energy as small countries, hence unsustainable at wo...