Preparing for war — how was 2019 and a glimpse of the future
I like to repeat that BlueWallet is preparing for war, and this war will be for block space. Once another billion of Ear...
Nic Carter
Unpacking Bitcoin’s Assurances
Dis-aggregating the system’s guarantees
Pierre Rochard
Understanding the Technical Side of Bitcoin
I see a number of different skill sets in that question. For each of these suggestions, there’s probably a lot you alrea...
Steve G. Barbour
The State vs. Bitcoin
As with freedom and oppression, Bitcoin and State money may exist in a perpetual tug of war between ideals. Where State ...
Roy Sheinfeld
Sources of Centralization on Lightning (and why they matter)
What drives Lightning Network to be more centralized, how do mitigate it and why we should care.
Allen Farrington
This Is Not Capitalism
this is your brain on central banking, regulatory capture, and financialization.
Phil Geiger
21 Million is Non-Negotiable
Will bitcoin be secure once the block reward subsidy ends?
A Guide To Understanding Bitcoin
This website aims to give detailed yet simple answers to the question: "What Is Bitcoin?". A list of resources is added ...