Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bitcoiners Best?

Bitcoiners Best is the best bitcoin content curated by bitcoiners.

Here you will find the GOAT bitcoin articles, books, podcasts and even harder to surface podcast episodes and Twitter threads.

Soon enough you'll also find the the best stuff that's trending over the past week.

Bitcoiners Best is an open source project created by @CitizenBitcoin, @BootstrapBandit, @binarydreaming, and @Pablof7z.

We’re just getting started, so send us all your feedback. We plan to iterate quickly. You can also follow our twitter account for updates.

How does the voting work?

Login with your Twitter account to vote.

Vote up your favorite resources.

The first tap/click on a resource's vote button will add one vote to that resource's total.

The second tap/click will 10x your vote, adding 10 to the that resource's total.

10x votes cost 10,000 sats.

Where do those sats go?

All sats paid for 10x votes are donated monthly to a bitcoin open source project.

We'll all vote on the open source project to receive the donation.

Bitcoiners Best surfaces the best bitcoin content and supports bitcoin open source projects!

What can I submit to Bitcoiners Best?

All submissions must be bitcoin-only. All submissions will be evaluated on their bitcoin-onliness. No shitcoins need apply.

Otherwise help bitcoiners, newcoiners and, eventually, precoiners to climb that significant learning curve more quickly and reliably by submitting bitcoiners' best content.

How do I support or contribute?

The best way to support us is to join, submit great bitcoin resources and upvote your favorites.

Bitcoiners Best is open source. You can also help by joining our repo, making pull requests, filing issues and making suggestions.

If you'd simply like to donate, DM any of the creators, and we'll get that sorted.